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Business Consulting

During Covid-19, Katzenbar has re-purposed its effort to help small businesses in South Africa identify which claims they can make to support them through the crisis.
Katzenbar has identified over 40 different claims that are available to help SMME's (Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises).

Outside of Corona, Katzenbar offers a range of Business Consulting support to companies of all sizes.
  • Business Turnaround
  • Warehouse / Inventory control
  • Marketing
  • Product Launch

One of the popular offerings is our Independent Business Review.

Katzenbar spends at least a full day on site at a client’s place of business (or department if a more focused review is required). Unlike competitors, Katzenbar does not focus solely on the Financials, but also looks at Operations, Sales, etc viewing the business holistically.

Subsequent to which, we provide a Report containing the positives and negatives. Alongside the negatives Katzenbar will recommend appropriate actions including Quick Wins where applicable.

From our years of experience, we have found that clients have an immediate benefit of at least double our fees.

Further we are prepared to implement our recommendations, if the client wishes – “We practice what we preach”.