Katzenbar firmly believes that "Marketing makes Sales easy" - well at least 'easier'.
Many businesses misunderstand the role of Marketing and thus blame poor performance upon Sales, when often it results from ineffective Marketing.
Many companies complain that they did not get enough Sales at a Trade Show.
However,  Trade Shows are usually a Marketing tool, not a venue to close Sales.

There are many anecdotes about costly and wasted Marketing.  In today's world, with a proper Marketing Plan, there is no reason that the Marketing Budget cannot be managed with the same effectiveness as any other department's expenditure.

Katzenbar uses a range of tools  to help clients define the role of Marketing for their business - from Awareness to Closing the Sale, and then repeat sales.  Every business is different, thus Marketing is different for each business.

In the changing world post-Covid, Katzenbar can also help clients identify new opportunities by turning the traditional SWOT analysis into an 'Options Generator'.