Small Funding-Katzenbar


Small Funding

Smaller Funding is typically under R 5 million.
Purchase Order Funding
Our Funder specifically targets funding of Purchase Orders for small businesses that can not get funding from traditional banks.
They manage their risk by focusing upon the transaction, not the small company.
  • The PO must be from a financially sound company or government department.
  • The goods must be purchased from a supplier that has stock (not a broker).
  • Usually they only fund goods, not services, so that there is not an 'execution risk'.
Typically the Funding amounts are between R 250,000 and R 5 million.

Covid Funding
During Covid, we have been helping small businesses identify what claims they can make to help them survive the crisis.
Most companies do not realise that there are over 40 Claims available to small businesses.
Each Claim has different criteria, so not all are applicable to each company.
So far we have helped companies find over R 15 million in simple claims, and over R 52 million in claims that are more difficult.
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