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Project Management

A Project has a beginning and an end with an objective to be achieved.
However, Project Management is more of a mindset.

Katzenbar believes that a project management mindset can, and should, be applied to many areas of business that are not formally declared as 'projects'. 
The trade-off's of Time, Cost, Quality and Scope are prevalent throughout business (and life).
That said not everything is a project, many areas of business are better treated as Processes - where continuous improvement is required for an ongoing task.  Process improvement would fall under Business Consulting
A long car journey could be a project, but the task of driving is a process that can continually be improved.

Katzenbar has managed numerous projects worldwide, for companies of all sizes - from corporates to small businesses. 
  • From implementing a new computer system for a multinational corporate, to ensuring a smooth office move for a small company.
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  • From Programme Management of multiple projects, to a quick Project Audits so that the existing project team can refocus upon the way forward.
Our forte is quickly getting the Projects moving, with a focus upon 'quick wins'.

Interestingly, Katzenbar often gets called in to manage or refocus a project where something has already gone wrong.

We have found that Managing Expectations is one of the most overlooked roles of the Project Manager.

2 Project Management tips -
  • It is as important to document what is 'Not in Scope', as it is to define what is 'In Scope'.
  • Checking that tasks have started on time is more effective than just checking they were completed on time.