Business Plans-Katzenbar


Business Plans

Initially Katzenbar continued with its corporate experience writing Marketing Plans and other business documents (such as Scope of Work and Feasibility Studies), but this developed into customers asking for Business Plans.
Customers then began asking for us to help them with funding for their Business Plans.
Our interaction with international Funders helped us understand what they required in a Bankable Business Plan.

Our view is that a good business plan should not only explain the business opportunity, but should guide the reader through the document so that when they have finished reading they should say - 'if I had money, I would put my own money in this business'.

Quick Tip - The Executive Summary should be :-
  • At the front of the Business Plan,
  • Be written last,
  • Summarise the whole Business Plan in only 1 page,
  • Cross reference the appropriate sections / subsections,
  • Clearly state what is wanted.   
    If the Business Plan is requesting funding - don't be shy to ask for the amount, and say when it will be paid back.