Covid 19 Helping SMME's-Katzenbar


Covid 19 Help

We have been able to help small companies in 2 main ways -

Whilst many Covid claims for small businesses have come to an end, or will shortly, there are still a few claims available to help SMME's
  • Refunds / Deferrals
  • Soft Loans
Unfortunately, most small businesses have only claimed UIF for their staff, not claimed any money to help their company.

Due to the Lockdown (and slow economy prior to Corona) many businesses are having problems with their Lease payments.
            The best solution is always for them to negotiate with their Landlord.
But when this fails, we may be able to help.
Two examples where we have recently helped clients -
  1. We negotiated a 3-month suspension / 'payment holiday' to their Lease for a client who had almost no customers.
  2. We helped another client fight off Lawyers wanting to evict them for falling behind with their payments.